Urgent Support Needed

Support 17th Street Businesses

and parking in neighborhoods.

We are reaching out to you with a sincere request for your support as we navigate the challenges posed by the 17th Quick Build Project in collaboration with SFMTA. Our appeal is directed not only to our esteemed Mayor but also to the respected members of the Board of Supervisors, urging them to carefully assess the impact of the quick build project. This project has introduced an protected lane along 17th street corridor, which has led to concerning safety issues, negatively affecting both the well-being of individuals and the accessibility of businesses along this crucial corridor.

We are presenting a more secure option for diverting and rejoining the bicycle route prior to reaching Missouri and Mississippi streets. These streets witness significant traffic from large trucks, which is incompatible with a safety-focused approach. Our utmost priority is to ensure the complete safety of all transportation modes within this vicinity. Moreover, we are conscious of the need to minimize any potential impact on parking availability in the surrounding neighborhood.